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BY Sumathi Reddy

Jay Snyder Father of Twins Who Lost Their Mom In Inwood

Jay Snyder, whose wife Michal died Nov. 25 during a routine Caesarean section, holds Reverie, while the other twin, Jackson, is held by Michal's sister, Maitreya, in the foreground. Photo: Daniella Zalcman | Wall Street Journal

The drop-offs take place in parking garages and on street corners: styrofoam coolers filled with plastic bags of milk carefully labeled with dates, ounces, names and contact information.

The donors include Lynn Monday, a 32-year-old first-time mother from New Jersey; Courtney Young, a 38-year-old from Hudson Heights in the midst of nursing her second child; and Ilana Deutsch Robinson, a 31-year-old Long Island attorney who is pumping for her child and, now, two others.

These mothers are trying to help out a mother who is no longer here.

Michal Lura Friedman unexpectedly died on Nov. 25, 4½ hours after giving birth to a healthy set of twins, Jackson and Reverie Snyder, following a scheduled C-section.

She was a 44-year-old singer/songwriter known as “Michal the Girl” who tried for seven years to get pregnant before fertility treatments and an egg donor finally left her expecting twins.

Since Michal’s death, a loosely connected network of about 30 mothers has been regularly donating milk to the twins. Three months later, the twins are thriving, rising above the 50th percentile for both height and weight and consuming 80% donated milk and formula at night.

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