AUTUMN UNFOLDS – Week 8 @ Inwood Hill Park | NY Times


For a moment, I am rendered motionless, too much in awe to move. My eyes linger on the forested crest of the park ahead of me at the top of the road. It is a dazzling display of autumnal splendor. Loud, raucous and bright hues welcome us into the woods this Monday morning. The trees themselves seem to say, “Come in.”

Only one week has passed since my last visit and nearly all is aglow. Green is fading from view, no longer the dominant color in our patch of woods. Now yellow is ascendant: ambers, golds and sulfurs radiate from the fallen leaves among the rocks and tree trunks. Field guide descriptions for various species don’t do the vista justice. The leaves of chestnut oak are more than merely “yellow brown.” It is a good thing trees don’t read books.

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