The New York International Latino Film Festival Thursday Spotlight


LA HIJA NATURAL – Dominican Night

Dominican Night Screening of “La Hija Natural” and After-Party presented by Heineken; Sponsored by HBO.

After her mother dies in an accident, 18 year-old María decides to look for the father she has never met. Traveling to a nearby town, she finds her father, Joaquín, living in a dark, old house in the middle of an abandoned banana plantation, which the locals claim is haunted by spirits. He lives there with an enigmatic Haitian as his only companion. Having no one else in the world, she stays with the drunken old man her father has become, and confronts the ghosts of the past that haunt them both.



Three Miami private high school friends, Mikey, Eric and Angel, revel in their world of privilege and loose parental oversight, living large in the hip-hop lifestyle of parties, fast cars, fast boats and easy sex. But life in Miami can get a little too fast, especially if you’re young, and when the boys face a night of trouble that brings them face-to-face with reality, their friendship – and their lives – will hang in the balance.

Heineken Presents A Conversation with Andy Garcia (Free Screening)

Join us for an intimate conversation with Hollywood luminary and cultural icon Andy Garcia, executive producer of Magic City Memoirs, which has its NY Premiere at the 2011 NYILFF. Hear Andy tell personal stories about the evolution of his illustrious career, from his big break as a gang member on TV’s Hill Street Blues to global superstar, discuss how being Latino has played a role in his journey to success, and impart advice for all of the actors, filmmakers and dreamers looking to leave their creative mark on the world. Throughout his impressive career, Andy’s worked with such directors as Brian de Palma, Francis Ford Coppola and Sidney Lumet, and his performance in The Godfather: Part III was Oscar-nominated as Best Supporting Actor and secured him international stardom. Other credits include The Untouchables, Black Rain, When a Man Loves a Woman, Ocean’s Eleven, The Lost City and the Tribeca Film Festival Audience Award Winner City Island. Originally from Cuba, Garcia is especially proud of his portrayal of renowned Cuban trumpet player Arturo Sandoval in For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story, for which he received a Golden Globe nomination. During the event, Andy also will be presented with the NYILFF Impact Award, which is bestowed on artists whose body of work has influenced the community.



Leroy Lowe, grand dragon of the Texas Ku Klux Klan, confronts everything he’s been taught to hate when he’s sentenced to three years of hard labor on a prison work farm. Set on rehabilitating Leroy, the prison warden chooses Emilio, a Hispanic field worker imprisoned for fighting for labor rights, to be his cellmate. Over time, the chatty Emilio slowly chips away at Leroy’s anger and prejudice.

When Leroy meets the beautiful Madalena, a maid hired to clean the warden’s office, an unconventional love story develops that opens his eyes to the possibility of a different life.



Golden Scars presents an intimate portrait of the realities facing young musicians in Cuba. The film offers an exclusive look into the unique stories of two young rappers born in Santiago de Cuba.

Going beyond issues of politics and revolution, the artists share with us their passion and the roots of their musical inspiration. Their spiritual strength as well as fierce convictions drive them to pursue their odyssey despite the tensions and personal struggles with which they are confronted.

Golden Scars immerses us in the embodied rhythms animating these artists.

Check out the full NYILFF schedule for the rest of the amazing films being showcased at this trailblazing festival.

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