Maluca Mala: Making tracks to fame | NY Daily News

BY Erica Y. Lopez

For a couple of years now, the blogosphere has been buzzing about a certain powder keg of electro-rhythms, Latin influences and crafty, cutting-edge fashion. Now, New York City native Maluca Mala is ready for the spotlight.

Like many, Maluca (born Nathalie Yepez) contemplated the idea of making music full time while holding down a variety of jobs in the service industry – from bartender to hostess to server.

“When I think about that time, I was miserable,” says Maluca, who won’t reveal her age and defines herself as a a “gypsy” living in New York City.

It was only after a chance meeting with well-known deejay and producer Diplo that Maluca threw caution to the wind and decided it was now or never.

“I realized that it wasn’t like I had a choice to create music for a living – it was more like I had no choice. This is what I am supposed to do,” she said.

New Yorkers will get a taste of Maluca Mala’s stage presence during her performance tomorrow alongside Panamanian reggaetón duo Los Rakas, at The Spot by Heineken, 201 Mulberry St., at 7 p.m.

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