The Led Black Book Club Ft Jon Michaud As Told Through Tweets

Getting ready for my event with the breakfast of champions, Mangu, salchichon, eggs and onions.


Led Black

RT @: The official @ book club is in full swing featuring a reading by @ #TitoClara



“No matter how bad, you always have to find that shred of humanity in a person…” @ #TitoClara



Chillin w/ bookreaders #wahi @ with @ n more listening to jon michaud speak about his great book


Dj Boy

Had a great time at the @ book club kickoff featuring #TitoClara by @. Great conversations and lots of inspiration!


Gloria Pazmino

Hey @ thx for coming out and making our first event so incredible.#TitoClara


Led Black

Many thanks to @ @ and @ for hosting today’s wonderful event. Great discussion of #TitoClara and #Inwood


Jon Michaud

Author Site:

Purchase online:

Kindle Edition:

Led Black Review: When Tito Loved Clara Review

Excerpt: When Tito Loved Clara Excerpt

Official Book Hashtag: #TitoClara

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