The 2011 Uptown Arts Stroll Kick-Off Told Through Tweets

The Uptown Arts Stroll is popping, you got @, Junot Diaz, Omyrah Mota in the motherfuckin house. #dominicanyork #uptown #inwood


M.Tony Peralta

“From this ashes rose the pride in our culture and our diversity” Zeead Ramadam, board member of @ #ArtsStroll


Gloria Pazmino

Rashad Green receives recognition from @, Gun Hill Road soon coming to theaters #ArtsStroll


Gloria Pazmino

Wow! RT @: In order to quiet the crowd at #ArtsStroll someone just said “el boracho no es gente” – only in # WashHts


Led Black

@ receives award from @. “He’s the pride and joy of our Dominican community” — Juan Pablo Duarte director. #ArtsStroll


Gloria Pazmino

🙂 RT @: “If you dream it it could happen, I’m a product of this neighborhood,” @ #ArtsStroll


Manny Perez

Great seeing @ & @ at the #artstroll yesterday. That was the biggest turn out in the 9 years. #movement #success



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  1. I dont see my tweets here. Dislike. lol

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