Forgotten NY Takes a Tour of the Neighborhood

The good folks at Forgotten NY posted a tour of some of the neighborhood’s one-block streets recently. In true Forgotten NY fashion, the post was chock full of great images and insightful historical information. For example: Did you know that Wadsworth Terrace is named for Civil War general James S. Wadsworth (1807-1864)? Or that Dongan Place is named after Thomas Dongan (1634-1715), who was an Irish Parliamentarian and then British colonial governor of New York from 1684-1688?  The tour even came across one of Dister’s ubiquitous murals. I love my hood indeed!

Check out the full post:

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  1. sid miller says:

    please be honest with your readers. the island of manhattan is not new york city (nyc). the city of new york is composed of five boroughs :brooklyn, the bronx,queens, staten island and manhattan

    before 1943 every tenant had the choice of anywhere in the five borougs he wanted to live. the only descriminating factor was the price that you would have to pay for your choice. in 1943 national rent control became effective. because only money dertermined where you lived the rich were already in control of the best housing in the best areas all the while the poor were stuck in the worst housing in the most decripid areas. only the rich benifit from rent contol. the poor suffered because control removed competition.
    competion LOWERS PRICES

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