The Voices of Uptown Radio Show Premieres Tonight @ 9 PM

That’s right people; Washington Heights & Inwood now has it own online radio show airing tonight at 9 PM. Courtesy of Uptown Collective contributors, Carolina Pichardo and Claudio E. Cabrera, The Voices of Uptown is a bi-weekly, 2 hour long talk-fest and celebration of this vibrant community. Make sure you check out the inaugural episode tonight.

For more info:

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3 Responses to “The Voices of Uptown Radio Show Premieres Tonight @ 9 PM”

  1. Silvio O. Zafra says:

    Great to hear!! Would be something The Original MamaJuana brand would be interested in participating in.

  2. Juan Bago says:

    This is great i look forward hearing the show! Sigue Palante!

  3. Claudio says:

    Thanks guys. Hope to make you all proud and Silvio you can email me through here or just ask Led.

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