BY Rainey Skates

Meet Isaac Jaquez (23-years-old). Isaac skates Uptown. And not only does he fly over local curbs and traffic cones, he also happens to be damn good at it! But you won’t hear that from him. Isaac’s super humble, you see. He’s usually got his headphones on over his iconic Afro. Or sometimes they’re hidden underneath a winter hood. Either way, he’s locked in, focused on his skating. I like to think of him as kind of like a “skate” ninja – so disciplined, and yet so effortless. I’ve had the pleasure of bumping into Isaac and his skating a couple of times here and there – a mutual friend’s gathering, the GW Bridge spot, the Bronx skate plaza, etc. You know, the usual six degrees of skateboard separation. And although we’ve never exchanged too many words, we really don’t have to. You see, the way of the skateboard – similar to that of the warrior – is sometimes an unspoken art. Members recognize members, skill respects skill. And even if I haven’t gotten the chance to say it to him in person, homies like Isaac are the reason skaters skate Uptown, the reason why Tread Bike Shop has a skateboard section, the reason why Mosaic Skate Shop and Gallery opened up in Riverdale, the reason why skate initiatives like The Rat Collective empower Dominican youth, and probably the reason why your little niece/nephew will want their own board for Christmas after seeing what Isaac does with his in the middle of the street on Fort Washington. Or Dyckman. Or any other Uptown street, for that matter.

Here’s to Isaac. Keep pushing. We see you!


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  1. T says:

    I walk by the GWB skate spot every night after work. It’s great to see the kids having fun and doing something positive. We have a lot of GREAT talent in the Heights. Keep these profiles going!

  2. emmanuel ovalles says:

    While i appreciate you showing love to the uptown community and all, why is it that you neglected to put terminal skateshop in this? Its the only shop in the heights…

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