Poetry & photography by Tony Gonzalez

I grew up in a city within a city,
A town bordered by rivers.
The city was on a hill.
Actually spanned two hills, nestled, warm.
This city was small, separate, cozy.
The place was filled with laughter and song.
There were soldiers in this city,
Some who fought the law.
Some who fought the inevitable.
Some who fought the stereotype.
Narrow and cramped, yet the walkups were large
As the volumes of history they witnessed
And could recount if given the ability
If given the love.
This city was old, historic, evolving.
There were bridges in this city,
Not the ones spanning the rivers.
The ones among us.
Family ties, love ties, friend ties
Made the city great.
I’ve walked down other streets,
Ate in other chimichuris,
It is possible to be a tourist
In my very own borough
I grew up in a city within a city
I was a soldier in that city
I was a bridge in that city
I will return to that city

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