BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Jeff Orlick of iwantmorefood.com and his merry band of gourmands dropped by the ‘hood recently to sample all the awesome food that this neighborhood has to offer. They began the night at one of the UC’s favorite haunts, Corcho Wine Room and from there it was onto the fritura trucks to get their grub on. They stopped by the Chalupa truck on Dyckman and Sherman Ave, and then they hit up Patacon Pisao (413 W. 202nd St. between 9th and 10th Avenues). They ended their culinary odyssey at the El Peluche truck on 204th and 9th Avenue. Believe me when I tell you, Jeff and his people go in. They got busy on everything from longaniza, to cachapas, to maduros among many other delectable treats. They also had the fried pig ears, which even I as a Dominican won’t eat. Anyway, Jeff’s well written and humorous account of his food trip Uptown is a must read. This dude knows his stuff and his site is chock full of great pictures and tales of food adventures that Jeff and his crew embark on.

Check out the entire post: Here

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  1. Donbx says:

    Not feeling the fact that he called where he was in Inwood, Washington Heights.

    He also called our neighborhood gentrified when most of the owners of these great restaurants and establishments that are making the neighborhood thrive are Dominican and Latin.

    Other than that it was a good article. Thanks for sharing.

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