BY Led Black

I have to give it up to Time Out NY, not for just highlighting the ‘hood but for doing it right. They talked to the right people, talked about the right places and painted an accurate picture of the Washington Heights of today. Pulitzer Prize winning author Junot Diaz waxed eloquent on the greatness of the community, cuisine and culture of this neighborhood. He goes on to say, “181st Street and Audubon is the heart of the Dominican community. That’s where you can see, feel, hear, taste and share the stupendous human energy of a people being changed by a culture, and changing that culture in turn. This is the energy that made America. To be immersed in it is to touch the United States’ raw, protean core.” Damn, that man is good.

Friends to the UC, Manny Perez (La Soga) and Jason Devereaux of Nostylgia were also consulted for the article. The article talked about many of the restaurants that are regular UC haunts such as Corcho Wine Room, Altus Café, Mamajuana, and La Sala 78 among many others. In short, the writer of the piece, Kristen Drybread, did a great job on showing our neighborhood in its proper light.

Check out the full article: newyork.timeout.com/

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