BY Led Black

According to The Daily Beast’s Jacquelyn D. Powers, one of the next big things in food trends is the magnificent Mofongo. That along with floating food barges, coconut water cocktails and farm-raised fish, among a few other things, are all about to go mainstream with everyone wanting a piece of the action. She must be on to something because she cited La Casa Del Mofongo (1447 St Nicholas Ave) as the place to go to taste this delicious concoction. This is certainly the place I go to when I am fiending for some Mofongo. Even though I didn’t grow up eating this delicacy, what could possibly be wrong with something that has plantains and chicharrónes (pork cracklings) as the main ingredients? Our wellness contributor, Eileen Z. Fuentes, will probably not endorse that last statement. A word of warning to those that decide to venture to La Casa Del Mofongo: If you go on a weekend night be prepared to not speak to the person that accompanies you as the music stays on full blast or as my father would say “a to le que da”. Make sure you wash the Mofongo down with a Presidente. 

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