By: Oscar Monte de Oca

So a week after posting my before photos I started on my 45day quest to lose as much weight and obtain the all so fashionable six pack…..if your asking yourself what’s the deal with the one week gap ….. the truth is I was giving myself a week to get as much Burger King, patelitos, Carot Top  and fried chicken as possible out of my system….. Hey no judgement pls people….in my mind I thought if I got as much of it in I will get sick of it and not crave it. I know it doesn’t make much sense…. what can I say,I’m simple!!!

So after my week long binge and having my hot, latin fashionista body exposed for all of you to see,  I went to meet my new Health Counselor/ Nutritionist JoanneDiMauro.

Watch the video interview with Joanne DiMauro after the jump.

Before I tell you about Joanne and her coaching  I have to start by saying I was scared to meet with a Nutritionist, because in my mind Nutritionist are scary…. they are all these paper thin twenty-some-things named Becky ( but she prefers to be called Enchanted Amber),  that only drinks water and wheat grass and  only eats nuts and berries…. oh and  greets you with some sort of Japanese businessman  hello. You know the one where they put their hands together and bow in front of you. I know its scary!!!!  But some how I was able to muster some courage …. and off to meet with the scary Nutritionist  that wants to starve me.

Okay back to Joanne…..I cant begin to tell you that Joanne is so not the Becky I thought she would be. To begin, she is not in her twenties but looks at least 15 years younger than her true age. She did not offer me any wheat grass and she greeted me with a hand shake. But she is very thin, but in a toned healthy way. I loved her from that moment on.

Since the initial meeting with Joanne she has put me on to whole foods, fruits (which I didn’t eat at all… that’s a lie… I would have them in my snapples) had me drinking  a 100 oz of water every day, eating tons of fiber. But more importantly she has helped come to terms with my  addiction to sugar. There I said it im a sugar-holic and im 14 days clean!!!!  I felt sick the first few days and had a headache for 3 days….sugar is no joke people.lol. So 15days in and I have lost 10lbs. It was hard , but easer than I thought it was going to be. I own alot of it to Joanne which is showing me how to eat healthy and like what im eating. Can I tell you I crave grapes now!!!…. grapes and not White Castle. Crazy!  A few sipmle changes like no sugar, lots of water, eat your greens and have an apple instead of a whole apple pie gose a long way.   You guys will hear more about Joanne later… where she will be giving you guys great tips for staying healthy during this summer.

Stay posted  I still have a few other people to tell you about that are helping me in the quest.

Great Summer reading to kick start a healthy fashion body. This book was given to me by Joanne and has been a great help

Get the Sugar Out,  2nd Edition: 501 Simple Ways to Cut the Sugar Out of Any Diet by Ann Louise Gittleman

For more info on Joanne DiMauro go to http://www.know-your-body.com/

-Stay fashion forward and keep the body healthy-

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