By DeJesus:

It’s summertime and that means we’re in the season of blockbuster films. Its also the season of Hollywood studio fat cats getting fatter from record breaking ticket sales. But this particular Summer, in the shadow of these movie behemoths, “a little engine that could” Uptown filmmaker is having a hard time getting his film completed. This is a indie film, no mega star cast, no CGI effects, no national marketing push; this just a film that will base its success on a good story, quality script and fine acting.

SIEMPRE FIEL is the name of the film and Carlos Raul Peralta is the filmmaker. The internal battle that a young man has to go through when trying to decide whether or not he should join the Marines in a time of war, is the story. But where is the funding???

To help this homegrown film make it to the big screen, reach out to Carlos Raul Peralta at

Click below, view the trailer and see what your funds will be invested into: SIEMPRE FIEL

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