By DeJesus:

Photo: briana e. heard

OK.. so you can  run and cycle your way to and from uptown, we are the beginning and end of the Greenway!  You can explore the only remaining natural forest in Manhattan. You can even stand on the highest point above sea level in Manhattan. But did you know that you can also count on Uptown to know how to row from the East to the Hudson River? Well you can thank the New York Rowing Association.

As stated in their website, “In 2003, NYRA invigorated its mission by returning to its ancestral home on the Harlem River through a strategic partnership with New York Restoration Project, the group that developed the Peter Jay Sharp Boathouse—New York City’s first community boathouse built in more than 100 years. NYRA’s programs are anchored at the Peter Jay Sharp (“PJS”) Boathouse, which majestically floats at the foot of Dyckman Street and the Harlem River Drive, nestled within Swindler Cove Park.”

Its summertime, so if your going to sit on your ass, at least do it on water, with oars in your hands, in unison with a team. You can do it all in the comfort of your own ‘hood.

Click here to learn about joining the Summer Rowing Camp

Photo: briana e. heard

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