By: Oscar Monte de Oca

So I find myself thinking, how can I become more fashionable…  I’m 5’7, 32 years old and I weigh 205 lbs!?

I KNOW!!!! Let me get a six-pack, not a six-pack of beer but a six-pack of abs. With that being said, for the next 45 days I will be on a quest to lose some weight and obtain the all so fashionable six pack. I will be recording my quest…. allowing you all to be a part of this journey.  Next week I will introduce you to my team of professionals that will be helping me . What you thought,  I was going to do this all on my own? You guys are funny!!! Did you not see my pics!!!!

(Side note,) if you see me in the streets within the next 45 days going into a Burger King, PLEASE STOP ME!

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3 Responses to “UC PRESENTS OSCAR'S 45”

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  2. Carlos Sebastian says:

    Good shizz, I always wanted to do that too. I’m routing for you.

  3. Julio says:

    I think I’ll join you on that quest … Thanks for the motivation.

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