Last Saturday, Inwood’s chic and upscale hand and foot spa, NAIL LOUNGE, engaged in a marketing activity that solidified their place as one of the newest, coolest businesses in Inwood. They produced an in store and outdoor promotions, that highlighted the products and works of make-up artist, Blue Michael.

Qiana, owner of Nail Lounge, allowed Washington Heights resident Blue to showcase and even sell the line of organic cosmetics that he developed and owns, which includes lipsticks,  blushes and nail polishes. Blue, himself was outside in front of Nail Lounge body painting a male model(who gets major credit for being out there the way he was under the weather conditions). The sight of a nearly naked man being body painted from head to toe near one of the busiest  intersection Uptown, drew a crowd and curiosity.  Kudos to Nail Lounge for creating this spectacle, thinking and acting outside the box; and to Blue Michael for painting inside the lines.

Click here to learn more about the products and services of Blue Micheal Cosmetics.

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