Big up to the New York Times for this excellent piece on Washington Heights own Jason Claiborne who is not only a descendent of the great American painter Norman Rockwell but is also quite the artist himself.  Jason Claiborne is a prolific magazine and book illustrator that has designed 20 book covers for Augustus Publishing, a company that he built from the ground up with his partner Anthony Whyte.  And if that weren’t enough, he is also the art director for Vibe magazine.

Check out Jason Claiborne breaking down his hustle on this clip.  This dude got more jobs than The Henleys of In Living Color Fame.  That kind of hustle is so Uptown.


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  1. Darrell King says:

    Hello Mr. Claireborne; I am a street lit author, and i’m seeking a cover artist. How much do you charge for cover art?

    • Jason. Have been trying to reach/locate your mom, Jamie, for years. We knew each other up until four years of age when we lived in a Brownstone in Brooklyn. We were inseparable. Her parents and mine, Louis and Marge Aiello, were friends. Recently located two cards from Rocky. One charcoal drawing of family sitting around and the second sent when Janie and I were 16. The second card was funny with numerous pictures with captions the first saying I don’t know what to say. Janie may very well not remember me or even Brooklyn but would love to be in touch with her. In the video she seemsed very lively and I see you are recognized as an accomplished artist. Congratulations.
      PS ignore website. Had to use something and this is an organization to which I belong.
      Virginia (Binnie) Aiello Aldrich
      (203) 889-6433

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